Dream Catcha productions have a huge range of audio equipment at some of the best prices in Perth. From single amplifier or microphone hire to a full concert sound set up, we’ll have you sounding your very best.

In a touring band? Don’t bother lugging your equipment around the continent. Call Dream Catcha today and arrange a solid backline. We stock only the most trusted, tried-and-true brands, so you know where you stand.

Our mixing desks, vocal PAs and sound engineers are ready for solo performances, full-band gigs, public events, parties and more. Don’t let all your organisational work be wasted on inferior sound – let DC Productions take care of it. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the show.

  • Full Band Setup

    Full Band Setup
    Hire Price
    $1,765 / day
    DC Productions is fully equipped to take care of the vast majority of regional touring and high...
  • Small Band PA Side Mix

    Small Band PA Side Mix
    Hire Price
    $400 / day
    For use by bands who require a little more oomph, with a sub, bigger fold back and extra...
  • Vocal PA

    Vocal PA
    Hire Price
    $275 / day
    Suitable for use by a band/soloist/duo with minimal instrument reinforcement requirements. Easy to...