HK ConTour 208 Mid/High unit

Hire Price: $80
/ day (inc GST)
2 Days or More Hire Price:$72 (inc GST)

Able to produce a stable line array wave with great range and low susceptibility to the adverse influences of wind, the CTA 208 mid/high unit delivers the performance you have come to expect from HK Audio equipment.

The enclosure is loaded with two 8″ neodymium speakers and four 1″ drivers. These High frequency drivers are connected to two HK AUDIO Acoustic Lens HF transformers of the type featured in our flagship COHEDRA™ systems. In combination with DDO-Pro™ technology, this pairing delivers the ultimate in natural-sounding response.

The special DualCurve™ Rigging System featuring 0° and 9° tilt angles facilitates deployment in both long-throw and near-field applications: When you opt for the 0° setting, the individual mid/high units are not articulated; instead they form a stable and remarkably coherent wave. This maximizes frequency bundling effects, thereby maximizing range.

With the DualCurve™ Rigging System, mid/high units may be articulated at a 9° angle to cover the near-field. And with that, the ConTour Array™ also provides excellent sound reinforcement for audiences up front. To set the curvature or tilt angle of the overall array, simply select the desired pick points on the rigging frame.

Engineered for economy and efficiency, the entire array is easily and swiftly set up and torn down. The integrated three-point rigging assembly lets you readily connect mid/high units to fly them or to stack them on subwoofers — no tools required.

Featuring neodymium components, the mid/high units are exceedingly light, and you’ll be delighted to discover that their low weight makes them even easier to handle

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